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The Mayfield Community Training Centre is currently participating in a Digital Photography course as part of the OutArt Project – A European funded project run by the centre in conjunction with HUSCIE (Ireland), INTRAS Foundation (Spain), CJD (Germany) and Kirkkopalvalent (Slovenia).


The purpose of the project is to promote young peoples’ active citizenship, foster ties between young people in different countries, and develop new skills in the field of digital photography.


A group of 15 students have set up their own photo editorial team who will produce work for a local photographic exhibition, upload photos to a virtual online museum, and finally exhibit 20 works in a joint exhibition in Berlin.


Liam O’Sullivan (HUSCIE Assistant Secretary and Business Skills Instructor at the Mayfield Community Training Centre) had this to add;

‘The course, which includes visits to art exhibitions, hands on training and workshops as well as photographic outings, will run until the summer of 2014. It is hoped that it will broaden the horizons of the trainees and provide them with an interest and a skill that will stand them in good stead for years to come.’


The OutArt project is based on the concept of using art as a means to empower young people and promote their social inclusion, going beyond traditional routes of art education and thus bringing an innovative character to non-formal education through art. OutArt embodies non-formal education, reaching across cultural boundaries to install the habit and love of learning through a highly motivation based path.



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